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December 20 2013
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We are now in the final stages of closing down the site. We expect to take the CMS side of the site offline on Friday, 2/25 and it will go live again on our new servers on Monday, 2/28. This will include editorial pages, blogs, wikis, and forums. The remaining projects on the site will be read-only until they go dark 3/1. At this point most email aliases are dead on the site. Please contact me at to request a project migration or for further information about the move. -- Sonya Barry, Community Manager

Today on java.netDecember 20, 2013

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up, that do a pretty good job of forwarding links related to Java User Groups to my inbox. In this post, I'll highlight some of the news that's arrived in the past week...

Java Today

Henrik Ståhl provides the key links in JDK 7 Developer Preview Now Available: The JDK 7 developer preview is now available for download from Please help us make JDK 7 successful by testing it out at an early stage and report any issues you find. For more information, see Mark Reinhold's blog or the list of JDK 7 features.
Markus Eisele: Six reasons why you should revise you opinion about the Java-Universe in 2011: In a long row of widely spread discussions about "Six reasons why ..", we (Markus Eisele aka @myfear and Michael Hüttermann aka @huettermann) now offer the following contribution named "Six reasons why you should revise you opinion about the Java-Univers in 2011". In the following, we'll discuss recen
Adam Bien addresses the question Can Stateful Java EE 6 Apps Scale? Another Question of the Week: Another good Java EE 6 question: 'I found the Gateway and PDO patterns to be very interesting, and have proposed to use them on a project at my company. As you predicted in the book, the Gateway pattern has “met resistance” J. I have a couple of questions which would be great if you could take
Jacob Lehrbaum looks ahead to Boston: Free Java Developer Event March 3rd! - Attention Boston area developers! Oracle has been running a series of free one-day Java Developer events in the US, Europe, and Asia since last November, and on March 3rd, this highly popular series is coming to the Westin Copley Place in Boston. The Java Developer Day will include four tracks of sessions and hands-on


We're doing the last of the packing up around here.  It's time to completely move into our new home. 
"You fought in the Butler Wars?" "Yes, I was once a Hudson developer, the same as your father..." Who, in our field, has not heard of Hudson? And who has not heard of the recent fork, which sent echos of seismic proportions through the Open Source community? Lots has been written, by both sides, about this fork, so I won't dwell on the causes and events here. Rather, I want...


Hello everyone, Currently, I am studing the Java TV. And I've downloaded and installed the Java TV SDK. It works well with Netbeans IDE 6.8 on my computer. Of course, I tried the HelloWorld_LWUIT example downloaded here. My question is: 1. Where can I get more information/documents about Java TV SDK ? and 2. Can Java TV SDK support the simulation of connection to TV channels...

Hi, We have a page in which some css files are declared. This page is invoked from outside of the current context using normal http request and some parameters is sent through the url. I am able to obtain those parameters using ...

Hello guys, I am trying to port some code to the Squawk VM that uses java5 stuff. Building the squawk-native branch (I couldn't get the trunk to work on my debian) works fine. But as I mentioned before I need it to work with java 5 syntax. So I set JAVA5SYNTAX in the file to true. When I run ./ I get an exception during the building of the debugger...



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